Dynamic, tailored customer experiences reimagined

Struggling with impersonal and static customer service? With Amazon Contact Centre, by Amazon Connect, you now get a dynamic and tailored contact centre experience. Partner with Activeo APAC today and we’ll show you how your business can deliver customer experiences as exceptional as Amazon’s.


Personal, dynamic and natural customer experiences made easy

We all know how Amazon is capable of delivering amazing service experiences to their customers. With Amazon Connect, you have the the flexibility to scale your call centre to any size through a single unified platform.

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Pay for what you use

No minimum monthly fees, long-term commitments, upfront license charges. No pricing based on peak capacity, agent seats or maintenance.
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Easy Self-Service Management

With no coding required, the visual dashboard provides the required data to manage operations, and reuse workflows across channels.
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Unified Customer Data

Get a unified view of your customer at the beginning of the interaction by bringing in customer data from multiple applications.
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Task Management

Allow agents to create tasks while on the call/chat. Make it easy for them prioritise, assign and track their tasks to completion.
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Built-in Intelligence

Experience swift, secure customer engagement with interactive IVR, real-time analytics, sentiment tracking, and instant caller authentication.
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Other Advanced Features

Automated outbound calling, skills-based routing, real-time and historical analytics, call recording, and more, to enhance operational efficiency.
Migrating to the cloud is more than just technology

Leverage our advanced frameworks, methodologies, and tools to optimise your contact centre’s ROI, enhance business performance, and streamline IT service implementation.

Differentiate Your Customer Experience
We provide a comprehensive Discovery Workshop and Customer Journey Mapping to understand and optimise your business operations, setting strategic plans for transformative growth.
Seamless Integration and Support
With a focus on Transformation Consulting and Service Integration, we manage your projects end-to-end, ensuring smooth integration, training, and handover of new technologies.
Continuous Improvement
Our Situational Coaching Workshops and Survey Feedback Management equip your team with new best practices, aiding in the adaptation to evolving customer expectations and industry trends.
Ready to reimagine a more dynamic customer experience?

Ready to reimagine a more dynamic customer experience?

Partner with us to improve productivity, drive efficiency and reduce costs with an Amazon Contact Center implementation.