Transform Feedback into Actionable Intelligence 

The relationship you have with customers and employees is constantly evolving. With our Feedback Management System, not only can you gather and analyse feedback to enhance products and loyalty, but we also bring in expertise to ensure seamless deployment of the system, boosting your revenue.

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Engineered for business success

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Easy to Use

Create tailored surveys with our intuitive editor, import data, and enjoy real-time analysis for seamless integration.
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Set Automatic Triggers

Set custom alerts for timely issue diagnosis and response, improving customer experience and bolstering loyalty.
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Timely Engagement

Deploy versatile, device-friendly surveys offline or online for optimal engagement, ensuring higher response rates and deeper insights.
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Effortless survey creation and analysis 

Navigating survey tools can be tedious. With our intuitive drag-and-drop inline editor, you can swiftly design and launch surveys with multiple question types, logic, branching and customised branding. Improve response results with customisable templates, questions and themes, then quickly import data for speedy analysis.

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Track, resolve, and gain insights

Use our closed-loop feedback case management process that helps businesses resolve customer issues efficiently and enhance customer experience.
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Optimal engagement: Every time. Every touchpoint.

Missing optimal touchpoints in your feedback system? You could be limiting the robustness of your survey. That’s why our platform lets you deploy surveys offline or by using web application, mobile browser, SMS or even a self-service kiosk. Amplify reach through multi-modal deployments for deeper insights.


Create and adapt a survey for your context

From unveiling insights with customer satisfaction and employee engagement surveys to navigating market trends and crafting government policies, our surveys are flexible and adaptable to fit your needs.


Strategise and plan for your customer journey 

Unsure how to customise your survey for your customer journey? Our team of CX experts are here to manage your research, improve response rates, analyse results, and craft action plans, driving your long-term success.


Mobile Offline Survey 

Provides an immediate, convenient and engaging way to collect customer feedback at the experience point. Perfect for field surveys at remote locations, kiosks, retail outlets, etc.


Digital Feedback

Integrate feedback in your digital channels to capture
customer-initiated feedback at any point of their journey.


Expert survey and research consulting

From setting up your survey design, managing it and reporting on the results, our team of experts with decades of CX consulting experience under their belt are here to help you every step of the way.

Ready to turn feedback into actionable intelligence?  

Ready to turn feedback into actionable intelligence?  

We’ll help you to navigate complex feedback, so that you can actively listen more efficiently and stay ahead of the competition.