Review Interactions and Activities More Efficiently   

Randomly sampling small numbers of interactions and evaluating them against inwardly focused metrics can cause businesses to miss vital insights.
Quality Management evaluates large numbers of interactions based on business relevance and employee performance, offering deeper insights.


Analyse with unparalleled precision

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Focus on the interactions that matter by automatically categorising calls into speech analytics-derived categories.
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Powerful Search and Filtering

Leverage crucial CTI and data field tags such as high-profile accounts and high-value transactions to find interactions of interest.
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Tailored Evaluation Form

Quality scores can feed key performance indicators (KPI) in scorecard to drive performance-based coaching and eLearning.

Evaluate all interaction attributes in a single screen 

Juggling multiple screens for your data visualisation? Quality Management makes it easy to evaluate all attributes such as voice conversation, associated screen data, chat, and video in one screen. The omnichannel interaction player provides personalised access to speaker-separated audio waveforms, speech analytics categories, emotions, keywords, and other interaction metrics.


Assess key interactions that matter

Quality Management Smart Inbox automatically delivers the desired type and number of interactions for each employee based on defined business rules. For multiple evaluators, Shared Inbox provides the necessary workflow, allowing your team to manage quotas effectively.


Our implementation edge 

Opt for more than just a tool; get our bespoke implementation. With tailored onboarding, expert consultants, and deep integration expertise, we ensure the solution works optimally for your use case.

Ready to understand the root cause of key business issues? 

Ready to understand the root cause of key business issues? 

Partner with us and get a better way to extract, analyse and use your critical business data more effectively.