Give Your Customer a Voice

Struggling to capture continuous feedback?
With our Digital Feedback combined with our consulting expertise, you can capture customer-initiated feedback effortlessly, across web and mobile, guiding your customer experience (CX) enhancement strategy.


Capture richer context in real-time

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Feedback Anytime

Enable your customers to voice their experiences conveniently with a simple click of an icon.
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Comprehensive Queries

Improve CX consistency through our digital comment cards with open and closed-ended questions.
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Precise Insights

Integrate advanced analytics for deeper insights into customer behaviour, driving swift, precise action.

Obtain website feedback insights

Page-specific VoC feedback delivers you deep strategic insights on satisfaction, conversion, retention, cart abandonment, overall sales and more.


Master your mobile feedback 

Mobile-optimised feedback solutions capture actionable customer feedback and detailed context about your customer’s mobile environment from any mobile device.


Location-driven customer insights

Location-based feedback enables you to gather CX insights on physical location to improve sales and understand non-buyer behaviour.


Integrates with web analytics and replay solutions

Through a host of integrated analytics, text mining and data visualisation tools, you can now identify comments of significance and key CX trends in the right context, then act quickly and with precision.


Predictive Experience

Is your team wading through excess data, missing timely insights?
Predictive Experience can help you deliver relevant, real-time insights automatically to quickly improve CX without having to sift through pages of irrelevant data.


Expertise matters 

Ditch generic setups. Our implementation offers deep expertise to help you get set up in the right way that fits your business needs, while ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability.

Ready to make faster and smarter CX decisions?

Ready to make faster and smarter CX decisions?

Enhance quality and consistency of your CX with Digital Feedback, building customer advocacy in a hypercompetitive market.