Extract Actionable Insights from Text-based Interactions 

Address customers’ needs efficiently with Predictive Analytics. Swiftly consolidate feedback from all interactions, and enable automated data analysis with AI-driven insights. Trust our experience management (XM) data science model, refined over 15 years.


Empowering insights with textual intelligence 

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Modern User Interface

Load automated theme discovery highlights and trending topics directly on your dashboard.
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Uncover Critical Insights

Identify irritants and delights in your customer experiences, enabling enhancements while managing service goals.
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Decades of Industry Benchmark Data

20 years of prescriptive benchmark data offers actionable insights tailored to multiple industries, driving informed, effective decisions.

Intelligent and intuitive interface 

In addition to Speech Analytics, Text Analytics helps you analyse, report and take action on every text interaction in your business. Inspect open text and understand what matters in your customers’ and employees’ own words.

Experience a smart and intuitive interface that groups discussion topics and conversational relationships together without users having to predefine them. Create interaction categories for long-term analysis/studies, and add new, refined themes over time to stay on top of customer perception and what’s being communicated.


Measure performance and improve processes  

Use Text Analytics to support conversational analytics and separate interactions between employee and customer streams. By understanding what irritates and delights your customers, uncovering the issues that demand immediate action, and flagging suspicious interactions that breach regulations, you can improve your overall customer experience while managing operational service goals.


Unravel conversational complexity with expert consultants 

Harness our deep CX and analytics expertise to transform complex customer dialogues into impactful insights. We will guide you on how to make more informed decisions, and improve business outcomes using data-driven approaches.

Ready to analyse open text and understand what matters? 

Ready to analyse open text and understand what matters? 

Partner with us and get a better way to extract, analyse and use your text-based customer interactions more effectively.