Use Predictive Insights to Meet Customers’ Needs 

Address customers’ needs efficiently with Predictive Analytics. Swiftly consolidate feedback from all interactions, and enable automated data analysis with AI-driven insights. Trust our experience management (XM) data science model, refined over 15 years.


Comprehensive insights for optimal business decisions 

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Capture In-Depth Information

Gather comprehensive data on a visitor's complete journey, from initial interaction to final touchpoint, ensuring a holistic view.
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600+ Model Surveys

Access over 600 tailored surveys across various industries, ensuring relevant feedback and enhanced industry-specific insights.
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Decades of Industry Benchmark Data

20 years of prescriptive benchmark data offers actionable insights tailored to multiple industries, driving informed, effective decisions.
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Proprietary Algorithms for Optimal ROI

Unique predictive algorithms pinpoint optimal focus areas, maximising business ROI through informed strategic decisions.

Predict ROI with a proven prioritisation model

Struggling to decide where to focus in your CX? Our patented Priority Index swiftly evaluates and ranks experience scores, specifically highlighting areas of maximum impact with low scores. This immediate visual clarity aids in catching sudden shifts in CX, ensuring you prioritise your actions effectively. Plus, our Continuous Benchmarks let you gauge your performance against industry standards in over 800 categories.


Seamless onboarding

Worried about integration hiccups? Our consultants provide specialised implementation and seamless transition, backed by a strategic roadmap to take your CX to unprecedented heights.

Ready to use predictive insights in your business? 

Ready to use predictive insights in your business? 

Partner with us to harness predictive analytics, ensuring you consistently exceed your customers’ expectations.