Intelligence-Driven Engagement: The Future of Contact Centres

Struggling to keep up with evolving customer expectations? Turn to our smart contact centre technologies for intelligent, richer, more engaging experiences. Whether upgrading or managing your call centre operation, Activeo has over 20 years of experience customising and implementing technologies to help you deliver a seamless, personalised customer experience across all engagement channels.


Go beyond a standard contact centre deployment

Achieve your customer experience vision end-to-end with our comprehensive lifecycle service management. Our tailored solution encompasses Consulting Onboarding, Project Management, your choice of On-premise or Hosted Cloud Platform, and meticulous Service Design. We also support you with Contact Centre Operational Management, Integrations, Maintenance and Support, and facilitating User Adoption.

The journey to become a smart an digitally-enabled Assitance Centre

Learn how NUHS transformed its contact centre operations

Empowering agents, streamlining operations

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Simplify the management of customer communication and ensure a consistent experience for your customers.
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IVR & Call Routing

Route every interaction to the right resource to streamline processes.
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Agent Management

Generate schedules and forecasts to distribute interaction efficiently based on agent’s skill set.
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Analysis & Reporting

From call durations and response times to agent performance and customer satisfaction, get robust analytics for a comprehensive picture of your contact centre's activities.
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Powerful Integrations

Extend the value of your CRM data by connecting to other business tools to enable better management throughout your contact centre.
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Monitoring Made Easy

Whispering, eavesdropping and recording for improved agent development and customer experience.

Top-tier Contact Centre Solutions

Toku Contact Centre

Experience seamless customer interactions with a cloud-based contact centre solution designed for operational efficiency. This bespoke solution is tailored for companies with complex operations, ensuring superior call quality with APAC reliability.

Learn about Toku Contact Centre

Cisco Contact Centre

A scalable, integrated contact centre solution enhancing business efficiency and customer experience across diverse channels, with flexible deployment options.

Learn about Cisco Contact Centre

Amazon Contact Centre

Get a scalable, pay-per-use omnichannel cloud solution, enhancing customer experience with unified data and
AI-enabled features.

Learn about Amazon Contact Centre

Top-tier Contact Centre Solutions

Elevate service experiences with Contact Centre integrations

Supercharge your contact centre solution with powerful integrations, turning real-time data into actionable plans for customer satisfaction, retention, and comprehensive business insights.


Want to transform your business using CX best practices?

The terrain of customer experience can be complex. Let us help you conquer these complexities with a comprehensive service blueprint that:

  • Visualises your customer experience
  • Gives deeper insights to address customer pain points
  • Increases positive moments of truth in your customer journey
Ready to redefine your contact centre operations?

Ready to redefine your contact centre operations?

Partner with us to build a smarter, feature-rich contact centre that delivers seamless, personalised customer experiences at scale.