July 26, 2023
1 mins read

Elevating Healthcare with Advanced Communication Solutions

July 26, 2023
1 mins read
Angie Yeo Angie Yeo
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Industry: Healthcare

Use case: Enhancing Customer Service Operations with Advanced Communication Technologies

Solutions: Cisco Unified Communication and Contact Centre Express System, Cisco Jabber Phone Mobile Application


Dealing with a legacy voice communications system

In the ever-demanding healthcare industry, one of our clients found themselves lagging with an outdated, voice-only system that was failing to meet the needs of their customers.

The situation led to several challenges in both customer experience and technology use.

Agents were struggling with identifying calls that led to longer conversations, locating patients’ reasons for contact, and reaching roving nurses.

To make things worse, their system lacked:

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  • A queuing function,
  • Agent and contact centre performance metrics,
  • Digital capabilities, and was
  • Incurring high IDD call charges due to roving nurses using mobile devices.

An end-to-end communication system upgrade

In order to ensure a comprehensive implementation was delivered, we first created a detailed map of the client’s customer experience from referral to scheduling, procedure preparation, discharge, and reporting processes.

This was critical to understanding their current state, and informed us on how to move forward in the solutions implementation.

We opted to integrate the Cisco Unified Communication and Contact Centre Express system.

The solutions offered:

  • Built-in interactive voice response capabilities,
  • Automated outbound calls for proactive service,
  • Multichannel capabilities for managing voice,
  • Email, and chat,
  • A customisable dashboard,
  • Instant messaging for internal communication,
  • Call recording capabilities for dispute resolution, and a
  • Mobile application for roving nurses to reduce IDD call charges.

Result: A more frictionless, future-proof customer experience

The adoption of the new tools and processes led to a frictionless experience for both call agents and customers, significantly optimising the client’s operations.

This transformation meant that customers could directly reach the right agent for their enquiry, agents were better equipped to manage and proactively service patients, internal communication improved, and nurses could easily reach back office without incurring high call charges.

In essence, the updated system empowered the client to meet their current and future needs, delivering a customer experience optimised for operational efficiency.

Not Sure How to Harness CX Best Practices?
<p>We’ll help you assess and improve your customer journeys for long-term business growth.</p>

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