August 22, 2023
4 mins read

Rising in the Region: Activeo Singapore is Now Activeo APAC!

August 22, 2023
4 mins read
Jonathan Mondon Jonathan Mondon
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Amid rapid technological strides and evolving customer demands, Activeo Singapore has always stood as a beacon of excellence, driving transformative customer experiences. For the past 12 years, we’ve used Singapore as a springboard to establish a strong regional presence.

In the city-state alone, we have supported more than 150 customers with their digital transformation projects.

But our journey, bolstered by successes and strategic partnerships, is not confined to the Lion City.

As we look to a future filled with endless potential, we are excited to announce a revamp of our brand, which includes the launch of our new website. As part of the revamp, we are changing our name to Activeo APAC.

This signifies our commitment to bridging business and IT while driving digital transformation in the broader Asia Pacific region for the diverse clientele we serve.

A proven track record

Activeo Singapore’s legacy is built on a foundation of dedication, expertise, and consistent delivery.

Our footprint in the city-state is well-established with vital collaborations with government agencies and healthcare institutions.

Our commitment to excellence has manifested in numerous success stories that underscore our expertise and drive for innovation, including:

  1. Elevating Healthcare Customer Experience: Our work in healthcare customer experience has been pivotal, showcasing how seamless integration of communication solutions can revolutionise patient interaction and engagement.
  2. Revolutionising the Shipping Industry: Our partnership with a shipping industry leader highlighted our capability to reimagine customer service, optimise operations and set new standards in this highly competitive vertical.
  3. Boosting Efficiency in Luxury Retail: How we helped a leading luxury retailer in the region improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction using robust Workforce Management Solutions.
  4. Supporting Government Digital Transformation: We’ve helped 19 Singapore agencies, establishing ourselves as a trusted partner for ministries on their journey to digitise customer service operations.

In our relentless pursuit to enhance customer experiences and provide unrivalled digital transformation solutions, Activeo Singapore became a part of Toku in March 2023.

This strategic move allowed us to continue offering the best in Digital Workplace, CX & Customer Engagement, and Customer Data solutions to our existing customers whilst tapping into the rapidly growing market potential in APAC.

We are now ready to pen more success stories across the vast and diverse landscape of the Asia Pacific region.

Expanding our reach: The promise of Activeo APAC

Our evolution into Activeo APAC is a reflection of our expanded vision and commitment to the region. As we embrace this new identity, here’s what you can expect:

1. Consistency in excellence

While our name and scale might have changed, our dedication to delivering top-notch solutions remains unwavering.

You can expect the same quality, if not better, from Activeo APAC.

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<p>We’ll help you assess and improve your customer journeys for long-term business growth.</p>

While we have a wider regional perspective, you’ll find our tech, solutions, and consulting remain as bespoke as ever. Crafting tailored solutions for the distinct challenges that businesses face in this part of the world remains ingrained in our DNA.

Example: We remain unwavering in enhancing customer experiences, as exemplified by our tailored Customer Experience and Customer Journey Consulting services that we continue to offer enterprises as part of a complete package.

2. Renewed commitment to APAC

Despite global economic caution, the APAC region brims with untapped potential. Our decision to expand our footprint in our backyard, with our existing office in Malaysia, reflects our belief in the region’s tech future. In contrast, we’ve seen some technology providers from US and Europe shift away from APAC and focus more on their home markets because of macroeconomic events.

This demonstrates the importance of having a technology partner that is focused on serving enterprises operating in the Asia Pacific, and we are more prepared than ever to be the go-to partner of choice.

Hassle-free APAC Connectivity: For organisations that have a multinational presence, there is no longer any need to find a third party to solve the connectivity issue because Activeo APAC can leverage Toku’s connectivity in 17 countries in the Asia Pacific. Naturally, this comes with our expertise in navigating telco regulatory complexity in the region.

3. Continuous innovation

Our journey never stops.

As Activeo APAC, we continue to seek partnerships, innovations, and strategies that will further elevate customer experiences and drive digital transformation across the region.

Leveraging our expanded reach, we promise quicker response times and a broader spectrum of services tailored to the distinct needs of businesses operating in the APAC region.

Example: Activeo APAC can leverage Toku’s programmatic offerings, such as embeddable voice. This means we can offer enterprises a more complete solution, one that allows them to have additional communication capabilities that they can program directly into their own application or their own platform.

Bridging business and IT to drive transformation

As we inaugurate this new chapter as Activeo APAC, our sights are set firmly on the horizon.

We envision a digitally transformed APAC region where enterprises don’t just survive but thrive by reimagining their customer experiences.

We’re excited about what’s ahead.

Not Sure How to Harness CX Best Practices?
<p>We’ll help you assess and improve your customer journeys for long-term business growth.</p>

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