July 26, 2023
1 mins read

Sailing Towards Superior Customer Service: A Shipping Industry Case Study

July 26, 2023
1 mins read
Rosaline Oh Rosaline Oh
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Industry: Shipping

Use case: Enhancing operational efficiency in customer service centre

Solutions: Best Service is No Service Assessment, Speech Analytics, Continuous Improvement Strategy

Recognised as a leader in the shipping industry, our client understood the importance of consistently delivering top-notch services to their clients.

They sought to enhance performance and improve the cost-efficiency of their customer service operations.

Utilising data-driven techniques for superior service centre performance

Activeo APAC offered an initial assessment of their customer service centre and implemented the following data-driven solutions:

1. Best Service is No Service

Using the unique Best Service is No Service methodology, we focused on simplifying, automating, and eliminating customer interactions. This practice, taken from our LimeBridge partner, has proven successful in driving savings and elevating customer experience over the past decade.

2. Speech analytics

Beyond gathering customer feedback, we leveraged speech analytics to gain voice-of-customer insights from customer interactions. We identified friction points and reasons for contact to sustain first-call resolution over time.

Not Sure How to Harness CX Best Practices?
<p>We’ll help you assess and improve your customer journeys for long-term business growth.</p>

Our team of consultants assisted the company in fine-tuning the tool to meet business needs.

In the analysis phase, we deep-dived into areas for improvement and training opportunities.

3. Strategy development

Based on the results, we proposed an improvement strategy based on customer experience best practices.

We provided insights from the analysis and presented an action plan delineating future enhancements. This approach made the company aware of current issues and helped them build a stronger foundation to eliminate certain calls and deliver better customer experience within their service line.

Smooth sailing to remarkable results

Our comprehensive solution consisting of both consulting and tech not only classified reasons for contact, but also paved the way for a digitisation strategy leading to savings and an improved customer experience.

The client gained a deeper understanding of their customers’ needs and leveraged the strategy to enhance customer relationships.

They successfully implemented IVR on their phone systems, streamlined operations through self-service options and automated transfers, all of which contributed to reduced call volumes and improved average handling time (AHT).

Not Sure How to Harness CX Best Practices?
<p>We’ll help you assess and improve your customer journeys for long-term business growth.</p>

Want to build superior customer experiences using data?

Partner with us to elevate your customer service operations and sail towards unparalleled customer satisfaction.