July 26, 2023
1 mins read

Bridging Communication Gaps: A Healthcare Support Transformation

July 26, 2023
1 mins read
Angie Yeo Angie Yeo
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Industry: Charity/Home Healthcare Services

Use case: Streamlining Multi-Channel CX

Solutions: VoIP and Contact Centre Solutions


Meeting the challenge of multiple communication channels

A well-established Singapore charity delivering home healthcare services was using traditional support channels including voice, fax, and mail.

However, these communication methods were creating inefficiencies in delivering a seamless customer journey.

Recognising the need for technological advancement, they sought a robust and customisable VoIP and Contact Centre solution for better patient support.

Creating an intelligent, proactive patient experience using omnichannel

Activeo APAC, well-known for its expertise in implementing similar large-scale omnichannel customer experience projects, was entrusted with this transformation.

We conducted an in-depth assessment to understand the client’s operations, pain points, and opportunities for improvement.

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A Unified Communications and Contact Centre solution was proposed and implemented, providing multi-channel support (voice, chat, email, SMS).

This solution enabled agents to respond intelligently to patient queries and reach out proactively in emergencies.

Results: A more consistent patient experience delivered across channels

Once the new contact centre solution was implemented, the client noted a significant improvement in their customer support capabilities across all their communication channels.

This complete overhaul and implementation not only optimised the technology but also enhanced understanding of customer service standards within the organisation.

This was made possible by the fact that our expert consultants worked very closely with the client.

They ensured that not just the technology was upgraded, but that the necessary knowledge, and skillsets across the support team were also improved to take advantage of the tech and deliver better customer experiences.

The end result?

More efficient handling of enquiries and improved patient services throughout the organisation.

Not Sure How to Harness CX Best Practices?
<p>We’ll help you assess and improve your customer journeys for long-term business growth.</p>

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